Important information regarding Amabrush company - Part II

Important information regarding Amabrush company - Part II

On June 6th 2019 the Commercial Court in Vienna, Austria, opened bankruptcy proceedings against Amabrush GmbH (case number 38 S 71/19x). Creditors of Amabrush GmbH need to lodge their claims in Euros with the Bankruptcy Court. It is recommended to use the attached form. The form has to be send by postal service to the Bankruptcy Court Handelsgericht Wien, Marxergasse 1A, A-1030 Vienna, Austria. The filing fee is Euro 23,00 and has to be paid directly to the bank account of the Insolvency Court IBAN AT770100000005460470, BIC BUNDATWW, citing the case number 38 S 71/19x and the name of the creditors. This fee will not be refunded. It is not necessary for Creditors to contact the Bankruptcy Court or the Insolvency Administrator.


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